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Classes for all ages and stages of riders.

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Below you will find a PDF download for Saturday and one for Sunday. The download includes information on how to pay and where to submit your entry form.

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Class List for Hunters and Equitation

Show Programming Overview - Each Division has 4 classes -  2 over fences, a flat, and a medal. The value of competing in a full division is that it allows your horse to show a complete set of skills. You also get a more complete picture of your skillset versus others in the same division, which helps you better assess your riding level and readiness to move up. The medal class in a division is another over fences class, but it is judged to a greater degree on the rider's equitation versus the picture of the horse. Medal classes are highly technical. While the extra steady horses may win in a regular over fences class, a more sensitive horse may excel in the medal. The division champion is the complete picture of the most well-rounded, well-trained horse/rider pair in the division.

Trot-a-Course & Lead Line Division:

Walk / Trot Equitation on the Flat

Pyramid Poles Course 1

Pyramid Poles Course 2

Pyramid Poles Medal

12" Division:

Walk/Trot Equitation on the Flat

Crossrails & Verticals 12” Course 1

Crossrails & Verticals 12” Course 2

Crossrails & Verticals 12” Medal

18" Division:

Outside Lines (Crossrails & Verticals 18") Course 1

Outside Lines (Crossrails & Verticals 18") Course 2

Crossrails & Verticals 18" Medal

18" Division Walk, Trot, Canter on the Flat

Lunch / Schooling

2ft Division:

2ft Course 1

2ft Course 2

2ft Medal

2ft Division Walk, Trot, Canter

2'3 Division:

2'3 Course 1

2'3 Course 2

2'3 Medal

2'3 Division Walk, Trot, Canter

2'6 Division:

2'6 Course 1

2'6 Course 2

2'6 Medal

2'6 Division Walk, Trot, Canter

*We will group afternoon flat classes at end of day so that we can reduce arena jumps to allow more freedom of movement in canter.

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Class List for Jumpers and Mounted Games

Show Programming Overview - Each Division has 4-5 classes. The classes are designed to best showcase the complete picture of the level of the horse/rider pair. The division is also designed to help give an indication of the riders readiness to progress to the next division level via Puissance and Gambler's Choice classes, which include fence heights just outside of the current division height. Medal Classes are included to help reward finesse in riding. A few Mounted Games classes are thrown in in order to again show off a wider range of talents in horse and rider, and to promote fun, as well as encourage riders to train their horses to a higher level of safety. The division champion is the complete picture of the most well-rounded, well-trained horse/rider pair in the division. 

Lead Rein / Pyramid Poles

Gymnastic Line Equitation 9" Crossrail

Gambler's Choice (Range Poles to 12")

Puissance (WT only, Lead Rein ok)

Ride a Buck (WT only, Lead Rein ok)

Hula Hoop Race



Gymnastic Line Equitation 12" Vertical

Gambler's Choice (Range 9" to 18")

Puissance (WT only)

Ride a Buck (WT)

Hula Hoop Race


.5m Division

Gymnastic Line Equitation 18" Vertical

Gambler's Choice (12"-2')

.5m Jumpers

Puissance (WT or WTC)

Ride a Buck (WT, Canter Optional)


Lunch / Schooling

.6m Division

2ft Medal

.6m Jumpers

Gambler's Choice (Range 18" to 2'6/.75m)

Puissance (WTC)


.75 Division

2’6 Medal

.75m Jumpers

Gambler's Choice (Range 2ft to 2'9/.85m)

Puissance (WTC)


Mounted Games

Single Barrel Race

Sock Race

Grooming Kit Race

Hula Hoop


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